3D mask design with the help of SOLIDWORKS

Maria Sabrina de Souza
Center for MicroElectroMechanical Systems (CMEMS) - University of Minho

SolidWorks is 3D CAD software (Computer Aided Design) widely used in the industry. With it you can do everything from simple sketches to the construction of complex parts and assemblies. In order to assist in the development of mask designs, a brief introduction to the basic concepts of SolidWorks was given, such as available sketch tools, creation of sketches and construction of simple parts using the resources: ‘extruded boss / base’, ‘swept boss / base’, ‘revolved boss / base’, ‘lofted boss / base’ and ‘extruded cut’.

After presenting these features, a mask was modeled using the features mentioned above, and other features like ‘Mirror’ to provide symmetry on both sides of the mask and the ‘Shell’ command to add thickness to the created mask. The seminar is believed to have provided a basic understanding of the SolidWorks software and how to use it for modelling masks.