Initiation to Investigation in Engineering Sciences - The research questions

Cristina S. Rodrigues
Centro Algoritmi
Escola de Engenharia – Universidade do Minho

The purpose of engineering research is to solve a new and important problem. The investigation may begin with a research problem indicated by the supervisor or other investigators, or alternatively, it may involve the task of finding an appropriate problem to begin the research. Once a potential problem is identified, it is necessary to confirm its relevance, as well as to understand its different attributes. In engineering research, an important initial step should be to identify the research questions to be developed.

Taking the topic of the course as a starting point, a transparent facemask, brainstorming and mind mapping techniques were used as methodological research tools to learn and break down the perception of the problem by the students involved and to identify small and large research questions associated with it. With this exercise, it was possible for students to understand that research in engineering sciences, even in a seemingly simple and direct problem such as the transparent facemask, can be achieved through solutions to small problems treated effectively.

Exemples made in the seminar

This exemple was made in Azurem.

This exemple was made in Gualtar.