Engineering Science Seminars

Academic responsible:
Graça Maria Henriques Minas

Acquire basic knowledge in microtechnologies, microfabrication, rapid prototyping, 3D printing, computed aided design, microfluidic techniques, microelectronics, optics, nanotechnology, synthesis of nanoparticles, that are essential to the PDMS masks development and implementation.

Regarding this UC nature, the syllabus is specific to the topics reported in the seminars and by the invites speakers.
Some topics that deserve attention:

1. Introduction to the i9MASKS project
2. Fundaments and applications of engineering
3. The engineering of future
4. 3D design of masks using SOLIDWORKS
5. Introduction to Fusion 360
6. 3D printing
7. Advanced manufacture
8. Microtechnologies
9. Lab-on-a-chips
10. Numerical simulations: ANSYS/FLUENT, COMSOL, OPENFOAM
11. Microfluidics and PDMS devices
12. Sensors and electronics devices
13. Textile fibers
14. UV Sterilization
15. Kind of masks
16. Nanomedicine
17. Synthesis and applications of nanoparticles
18. Experiences of health professionals about COVID-19
19. COVID-19 transmission