UV-C sterilization of the PDMS - Inês Miranda, Inês Castro

Inês Miranda, Inês Castro


UVC light is widely used for sterilization. The first step of this project was to proof that UVC light does not degrade PDMS. Transparency, wettability and mechanical assays were performed before and after UVC light exposure. The UVC light exposure was accomplished using a commercial sterilizer, that emits 280nm light.

The following step consisted on verifying that the sterilizer worked as supposed. In order to do that, three PDMS samples were placed in microalgae solutions. The microalgae exhibit fluorescence when alive, so it is expected a decrease on fluorescence after sterilization. The first sample was sterilized using the commercial equipment, the second was boiled in 100ºC water, and the third was not sterilized. The fluorescence was measured in order to conclude about the effectiveness of the equipment used.