A cooling system for a PDMS mask

Ângela Meireles e João Fernandes


The working group consists of Ângela Meireles and João Fernandes and aims to develop an innovative idea that would allow cooling of a individual protection mask, since the use of individual protection masks and the heat are not always good allies. Many people feel the discomfort and, in some cases, cutaneous changes on the face, due to the heat that is felt on the face because of  constant use of the mask, a consequence of the pandemic situation we are experiencing.

In order to mitigate this consequence, an electrical circuit was designed to allow not only to give more comfort by decreasing the heat in the mask with a cooling system, but also, to decrease  the mask fogging caused by direct breathing into the PDMS.
The circuit consists of an ON-OFF controller and an ON-OFF actuator. In short, the ON-OFF controller will evaluate the temperature inside the mask and will activate the ON-OFF actuator. The ON-OFF controller consists of a temperature sensor (TMP36) that has an adjustment of 10mV / ºC. The potentiometer was adjusted to a temperature that was already annoying (it was designed for a temperature of 30ºC), and when the temperature sensor detects that temperature, it activates the fan, under the influence of the ON-OFF actuator.